Biofilms7 – NPG Prize

This prize was awarded to the best oral presentation  by young researchers (≤35 years old). It was offered by Springer-Nature and includes a waived article processing charge in the new open access journal npj Biofilms and Microbiomes, subject to peer review, as well as a free subscription to Nature. The jury of this award was composed by the members of the Scientific Committee of Biofilms 7.

The winning presentation was: (SPM:1) Designed peptides for inhibition of amyloid fibrilogenesis in medical biofilms, Alissa Bleem, James D. Bryers and Valerie Daggett, USA



Best poster awards

Posters of each of the 7 main conference topics were evaluated by  a special jury composed by 40 evaluators. A strict non-C.O.I policy was pursued. Posters with awards were the following:

Biofilms and the Environment
Best poster:
(P1:7) Development of an in-vitro oral mucosal tissue model for
biofilm infection, Daniel James Morse, Melanie Wilson (…) David Wynne Williams, UK
Honorable mention: (P1:21)  The effect of anthranilate on microbial biofilms, Xi-Hui Li, Soo-Kyoung Kim, Joon-Hee Lee, South Korea

Biofilms and surfaces/interfaces
Best poster:
 (P1:67) New insight on antibacterial mechanism of immobilized
antimicrobial peptides, Pascal Thebault, Rym Boudjemaa (…) Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart, France
Honorable mention: (P1:64) Inhibition of Campylobacter jejuni adhesion quantified by
PCR-based methods, Špela Zorko, Anja Klančnik (…) Sonja Smole Možina, Slovenia

Biofilms, industry and energy
Best poster:
 (P2:9) Development of an online detection method to monitor
growth and detachment of biofilms, Janina Grimm (…) Wolfgang Augustin, Stephan Scholl, Germany

Productive biofilms
Best poster:
 (P2:13) Cyanobacterial biofilms – Exploiting the potential of CO2 as a
non-fossil carbon source for the production of high value compounds, Magdalena Maaß, Christian David, Katja Buehler, Andreas Schmid, Germany

Modeling and simulation
Best poster:
 (P2:24) Modeling and validation of diurnal carbon partitioning in
microalgae biofilm, Ana Magalhães, Ward Blanken, Manuel Simões, Portugal

Biofilm detection and characterization methods
Best poster:
 (P2:30) Biomechanics in pellicles: internal force, detachment and
visco-elastoplastic behavior, Emily Hollenbeck, Carine Douarche (…) Eric RaspaudFrance
Honorable mention: (P2:46) Study of the biofilm characteristics of a single chamber microbial fuel cell (SCMFC) in fed-bacth operation, V. B. Oliveira, J. Vilas Boas (…) A. Rodrigues Pinto, Portugal

Biofilm prevention and control strategies
Best poster:
 (P3:36) The material test “BioMig” predicts the biofilm formation
potential on plumbing material, Franziska Roelli, Romina Sigrist, Stefan Koetzsch, Frederik Hammes, Switzerland
Honorable mention: (P3:12) Contribution of plant-derived phenolic compounds to combat Candida species biofilms, Natália Martins, Lillian Barros (…) Mariana Henriques, Portugal
Honorable mention: (P3:70) Identification of putative nitric-oxide sensing protein domains that play a role in P.aeruginosa biofilm dispersal, Yuming Cai, Andrew Hutchin (…) Jeremy Webb, UK
Honorable mention: (P3:75) Inhibition of staphylococcal biofilm formation by marine sponge-derived bacterium Streptomyces sp. D56, Srikkanth Balasubramanian, Eman Maher Othman (…) Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen, Germany

Best flash-presentation SPBT award

The best ranking posters in the different conference topics, where  students were the presenting authors, where invited to prepare a 5 minutes flash oral presentation to be held in a plenary session in the last day of the meeting. The award was composed of a certificate and a prize money: 250€ for the 1st place, 150€ for the second place and 100€ for the third place, sponsored by the Portuguese Society of Biotechnology (SPBT). The best-flash presentation award was decided by anonymous voting of the audience. A total of 200 votes were collected.

1st place (P1:49) Evaluation of potential resistance development by cells adhered to antimicrobial surfaces, Diana Alves, Carla Faria, Maria Olívia Pereira, Portugal, with 60 votes
2nd place (P2:16) Evaluation of biofilm mechanical properties using opticalcoherence tomography (OCT) and fluid-structure interaction simulations, Florian Blauert, Juan Pablo Pavissich (…) Cristian Picioreanu, Germany, with 31 votes
3rd place (P2:11) Production of desiccation induced biotechnological products using terrestrial cyanobacteria, Dorina Strieth and Roland Ulber, Germany, with 28 votes


Biofilms7 – SPM Young Researcher Award

The 3 best raking abstracts, in the topics with higher number of submissions, considered for oral presentation by the Scientific Committee,  where students were the presenting authors, were awarded a 200€ prize money and a certificate, sponsored by the Portuguese Society of Microbiology (SPM). The 3 awardees presented their work an a special session.

(SPM:1) Designed peptides for inhibition of amyloid fibrilogenesis in medical biofilms, Alisa Bleem, James D. Bryers, Valeria Dagget, USA.
(SPM:2)  Extracellular polymeric substances of anammox granular sludge contain glycoproteins and have a gel-forming property, Marisa Boleij, Mark van Loosdrecht, Yuemei Lin, Netherlands
(SPM:3) What happens to Gardnerella vaginalis when growing as a biofilm: a comparative transcriptomic analysis by RNA-seq, Joana Castro, Ângela França, Katie Bradwell, Myrna Serrano, Kimberly K. Jefferson, Nuno Cerca, Portugal